Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Plan of Attack

said software a cabin in the, I guess I'll need some lumber. yes, definitely some lumber...maybe I should get some pipes too, so I can go potty...Yes, I might also want some pipes so I can go potty...


I tend to jump ahead (WAY ahead) of what I need to do, and where, and how I can do it, and all those other stupid important things. Okay, slow down. Breathe.

I looked up some neato software for designing buildings (inside and out), and if I only had $1,995 I could purchase them...because I always purchase software. Legally. Always.  ...hehe.

I'll be giving this stuff a whirl tonight (potentially tomorrow, depends on whether I succumb to the blank expressionless eyes of Special Agent Fox Mulder and watch more of the greatest show EVAR), and so my NEXT post should have some sort of design that might eventually morph into a cabin that I will construct at some point in the murky murky future.

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