Sunday, February 7, 2010

Death and Taxes

Ah, the two certainties in life...sigh.

The plan for today (after injecting my parent's diabetic cats with joke) has been to collect as much info as I can find on the cost of building permits, tax rates, by-laws, and so on. That way when my folks get back into town I can present the "case FOR cabin construction" in a fully thought-out way. I guess I should backtrack a bit...

My plan for the cabin has been to construct it on our family's current cottage land. Right now there is a super-nifty pioneer cabin on around 9 acres of land...a lot of it is unused woodland, and let's be honest, I'm in no position to buy property. But this means I need to clear all the construction with my folks, and that means figuring out the permit/tax/bylaw issues.

It's a little more complicated than I'd like, seeing as the land is located in a county, not a city, we are on a well-water & septic system...which means a lot of applications and digging may be in order...if they can happen at all...sigh.

Going on the closest town, it would cost $1125 for a building permit for a construction of 750 sq. feet. (roughly what I'm aiming for). This isn't TERRIBLE, but the filmmaker in me wants to ditch the permit fees and build guerrilla-style. A plan the 'rents will definitely NOT approve. Boo-urns. In the meantime, enjoy some pics of our current (and much-loved) cottage!

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