Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gi-normous update.

I promised gi-normous. And it is. Oh, it is. I spent the weekend making truffles, going to brunch, and learning the hell out of Google Sketch Up...which I highly recommend to those of us that are low on teh ca$h, but big on teh de$igning. Hmm, I'm not sure why there was another dollar sign in there...symmetry?

ANYhoo, I've roughly (oh so roughly) sketched out the general floorplan/size/flow of the cabin. It has tall ceilings at the entrance (14.5feet) that slope down to 7' in the bedroom. Which I think makes for a cozy little bear-den I can hibernate in. It also has a sauna sketched in (well, I did say it was a Scandinavian cabin...), and a bathroom filled with actual sized bits n' pieces that I sourced from Home Depot's website and on IKEA's, based solely on price and not aesthetic appeal...sigh. Which reminds me, if you haven't hacked IKEA (here) you should.


And the fireplace that I am in love with (yes the one that doesnt actually exist yet, but that I am in love with...). Although since the fire will be the only source of heat I'm debating abandoning its loveliness and going with a woodstove like the one below...thoughts? Does anyone find a difference between the two in heating abilities?

Gorgeous fireplace designed by me                vs                  Woodstove goodness

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  1. Good luck with your cabin-project, it´s so much fin (and hard work)!