Friday, February 5, 2010

Commitment Issues

(pics shamelessly borrowed from, an awesome blog)

So here it is...I have commitement issues. Well, with design and building and stuff. This concept of a totally balls-out Scandinavain modernist cabin-in-the-(Canadian)-woods has been kicking around my brain for years.  ...But combined with not working, working retail, being a student, and generally emerging from the cocoon of didn't happen.

Well, now I'm a young (semi) professional with *almost* enough time and *almost* enough money to actually build my dream cabin (!).

So here it is. My promise to the series of tubes that make up the interweb... I promise that I WILL build this cabin. (and design and decorate it to the fullest extent of the law) It may take years, there may be a lot of crying and swearing and begging for free-labour (that's you Mum & Dad & Mitch), but it shall be done!

I will try and make this a super-awesome blog to read, full of off-topic bitching and general gossip, as well as fill it with awesome content and pictures of awesome and lovely things.


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  1. Free labour, right here. But I may charge in terms of beer.