Monday, February 8, 2010

I be feelin' guilty...

Look at that cabin (here)'s so awesome. And its puppy dog eyes are begging me for some answers...sigh. All right, I feel a little guilty for planning a newer, sexier cabin next to this old lady...we have a long history...

My Grandparents bought the recently re-constructed cottage (it was found abandoned on the shield closer to Ottawa, disassembled, trucked in, rebuilt) in the mid 1960s, my Dad spent large amounts of his childhood and teenage years up there, and I went for the first time when I was about 3 or 4 weeks old. It's arguably my favourite place in Canada, and full of great memories. So what's the deal? Why teh flippin'z heck do I want to build a different one on the same property?!

I dunno.

Well, okay, I have an inkling why. I like to build things. I need to build things, or I get all fidgety and grumpy (just ask Mitch). The cottage is also NOT winterized. Which means as soon as temperatures dip below 0C (around mid-October) the cottage is shut-down, and out of service until the mercury nudges up to above freezing at night (mid-May). That's a LONG time to be cottage-less. And I have always wanted to get up there during those deep-snow months.

And in a way, the cottage isn't mine. It's design was chosen by some pioneer, it's interiors have been chosen (enforced?) by my Grandmother (full-on orange & brown 70s chic), and my Mother (full-on white and blue French Provencal chic). Neither of which is really my thing, and let's be realistic...I am going to have to pry the decorating brush from some very cold & dead hands.

Then there's the "guest house + extra beds + my-future-kids + privacy" argument. But I guess, in a lot of ways, the image of being curled up in a blanket in front of a fire with some tea and my dog (I'll get one some day!) after a day of cross-country skiing, while big fluffy snowflakes fall outside is one of, if not the reason.

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