Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Long time, no update.

I never call, I never write, I know. I'm a really bad blogger.  Well, actually, that's not entirely true...

I'm really bad at taking a huge overwhelming task/idea/plan and breaking it into bite-sized pieces of accomplishable goodness. Really bad at it.

After delving deeper and deeper into the ins and outs of building the's making me more and more of a crazy libertarian. I'm mean, I'n no Glenn Beck, but those crazy rednecks out in the Arkansas back country are looking more and more sane.

Basically, here's the rub:

1) We own a cottage on 10 acres, of mostly unused forest
2) We've paid taxes/etc there for over 40yrs
3) We want to put up a winterized cottage so we can enjoy our property year-round
4) we can't.

And to say we can't is more accurately to say that we can, IF:

1) We appeal to the county to have the zoning by-law bypassed so we can build a second structure
2) We appeal to the county to have a 2nd hook up for the well
3) We appeal to the county to have a 2nd septic system installed
4) They say yes.

So while we are NOT allowed to build any other sturcture on the 10 ACRES OF UNUSED LAND, we are allowed to operate an automotive repair or a hair salon out of the current structure.


ARGH.  Srsly you guys?! The government will get neither an oil change nor a haircut from me!

...The net effect of all this is I'm stuck back at the beginning, have gotten overwhelmed, and haven't written anything because the only thing I can write about is my current failure to succeed.

In the meantime, here are some interior pics of the current (non-winterized) cottage from a trip this weekend. It's a wacky 'Canadian-log-cabin-pioneer-y" alternative to the usual Scandinavian design pics I usually put up.

A humble offering to apologize for my lack of updates: the funniest shite you will ever read.

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